Attention Lehigh Valley Elite Network members: PROTECT YOUR OPPORTUNITY

Attention Lehigh Valley Elite Network members: PROTECT YOUR OPPORTUNITY. I realize it's summertime, please keep in mind that the locations that host our meetings open exclusively for us during nonbusiness hours. We have minimum requirements to meet. I know there are other things that may interfere with your attendance, however, to be effective you need to commit to those two hours and plan around it. I've always blocked those two hours out and that's why Lehigh Valley Elite Network exists. For networking to work to grow your business, you must be consistent. Bringing people you meet to a meeting is a way for you to stay connected to them and is the only way you will grow your business. It saddens me to see someone who comes to a meeting to find many people in the room they know, who didn't think enough of them to invite them and can't understand why. Please keep in mind for $20 you get a meal and you, your business or organization receives exposure to thousands of people via social media and internet outlets. Recently,Kevin Ramaley posted a cell phone video CLICK HERE on facebook that received over 3,000 views on facebook and other social medie outlets. Because of his actions thousands of people know who The Heritage Guild, Leaf Restaurant & Cigar Bar, Famous Smoke Shop, Rockin' Cigar Bar,Rockin' Photobooth,Rockin' Ramaley and YOU the Lehigh Valley Elite Network members. Not Bad for $20.00. This does not happen by accident, and we will be doing Training on how to leverage social media at our Leaf Restaurant location on an ongoing basis. More information at

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