Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions:
What if I can't make it to a meeting?
  • If you know ahead of time that you cannot attend a meeting, we ask that you find a substitute to replace you. This can be any business professional or it can be someone who is part of the LV Elite Network that is not already committed to the location you are attend.  Of course, there are times when it is impossible to know that you will not be attending (sickness, etc.) and that is unavoidable.
What if I am not comfortable giving a presentation?
  • It can be intimidating to be stand up and speak in a room full of new faces.  However, the fear of public speaking is only overcome by doing it.  The transformation that is noticed after somone defeats their own fear of public speaking will sometimes transform them in other ways as well, personally and professionally.  Everyone is there to support each other. 
How can I find out information on meeting days and locations?
  • The meetings are always held on the same day or each month, unless it falls on a Holiday.  The days and locations are listed on the web site and also on our Facebook page. 
If I am attending a meeting for the first time, do I need to RSVP?
  • No, you are welcome to show up for any meeting before committing to one.  Once you are there, you will provide your contact information and will receive e-mails invitations to the meetings of your choice. 
What is the cost of a meeting?
  • There are no annual or other fees, other than $20 per meeting to pay for your breakfast or lunch.
When should I set up a one on one with another member?
  • We encourage members to meet with at least two people per month, or more if your time permits. The more people who know you and trust you as a professional in a particular industry, the better results you will have.
Why should I bring guests to a meeting?
  • The importance of bringing guests is two-fold.  In order to grow your business, you will need to grow your network.  Although there is always a good number of new guests that regularly attend the meetings, it is important to develop the skill of growing your own network. Often people attend networking events, open houses, etc. and collect business cards. By inviting them to a meeting, you have a systematic way to build and maintain a relationship with that person, rather than have their business card collecting dust.
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