Since 2013, over one billion Americans have had their identities compromised. Your personal information now lives online. Sharing an email address or even a credit card number is part of everyday life, but more than ever, this makes you vulnerable to thieves. IDShield’s comprehensive identity protection service diligently monitors for signs of criminal activity and gives you all you need to keep your identity secure from thieves and fraud. See below all the ways your IDShield plan gives you the upper hand. Michael Madden is an Independent Associate for LegalShield  and IDShield

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IDShield Overview



Arm yourself and your family.

Identity theft affects millions of Americans each year. IDShield provides privacy and security monitoring, consultation, and Comprehensive Identity Restoration from Kroll. So in the unfortunate event something does happen to your identity, you'll have professional help in getting your identity restored to what it was before the fraud occurred. To ensure you have the best coverage possible, there is an IDShield Family plan that includes you, your spouse/partner, and up to 8 children.

Product Features
Covers Spouse/Partner   102
Covers up to 8 Children   102
Unlimited Counseling w/ Licensed Investigator 102 102
SSN Fraud Detection 102 102
Monthly ID Theft Updates 102 102
Emergency Assistance 24/7/365 102 102
Data Breach Notifications 102 102
Identity Alert System 102 102
Lost & Stolen Wallet Assistance 102 102
Reduced Pre-Approved Card Offers 102 102
Sex Offender Registry Reports 102 102
Identity Restoration
Licensed Investigators 102 102
$5MM Service Guarantee 102 102
Complete Identity Recovery* 102 102
Privacy Monitoring
File Sharing Network Searches 102 102
Name Monitoring 102 102
Passport Number Monitoring 102 102
Black Market Website Surveillance 102 102
DOB Monitoring 102 102
SSN Monitoring 102 102
Email Monitoring 102 102
Phone Number Monitoring 102 102
Drivers License Number Monitoring 102 102
Medical ID Number Monitoring 102 102
Address Change Verification 102 102
Security Monitoring
Quarterly Score Tracker 102 102
Credit Inquiry Alerts 102 102
Credit Card Number Monitoring 102 102
Bank Account Number Monitoring 102 102
Court Records Monitoring 102 102
Credit Monitoring 102 102
Payday Loan Monitoring 102 102
Minor Identity Protection   102


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