What To Expect At A Meeting

 The first half hour of each meeting is dedicated to signing in and open networking.  You will register by providing your name and e-mail address (for future meeting notifications) pay for and make your menu selection.  We encourage new members to bring 20 to 30 business cards, which will be put into a box with other business cards to be circulated around the room.  Once the meeting starts, each person is given 30 to 45 seconds to introduce themselves and their business.  Each month there are 3 featured speakers who give a 5 to 8 minute, detailed commercial on their business, allowing for question and answer time.  There is a projector and sound system that the speakers can use to aid in their presentation. Throughout the meeting the business card box is circulated around the room where new and current members can select business cards of the people with whom they would like to schedule a personal appointment, referred to as a "one on one".  The last 20 minutes of each meeting is used to give testimonials, promote upcoming events or any relevant information that would benefit the group.  Often times people stay after the meeting ends for more open networking!
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