Lehigh Valley Elite Network - Schedule UPDATE - Please Read

You may have noticed that the Texas Roadhouse-Trexlertown event is missing from the September schedule. In a post titled "Protect Your Opportunity", on June 22, 2015; I informed members that their inconsistent attendance will eventually lead to some of our locations being shut down. Many of these locations open exclusively for us. When they bring on staff and prepare for your attendance, and many do not show up, it compromises everyone's opportunity in this organization. At the request of this restaurant, we will no longer be holding any events at their Texas RoadHouse - Trexlertown location.
I founded Lehigh Valley Elite Network as a way for people to have a systematic way of staying in touch and developing relationships with the contacts they meet outside of the network, so they can develop a working relationship with them. Keep in mind there are no "membership fees" and the $20.00 per meeting in no way covers the expense of the Restaurant, Communication, Administration of the www.LehighValleyEliteNetwork.com and all of the social media platforms that members benefit from. I have absorbed the cost for years with the anticipation of more people participating and expanding my Legal Shield business. This has proven to be an ineffective strategy due to the time commitment required to effectively administer the events and maintain one of the top websites in the Region which its sole purpose is to promote members.
My other issue is people who present their business, never to be heard from again. Please keep in mind it's offensive to members who are committed to the process and it makes it appear to everyone else that they are opportunists looking for a splash of publicity with no care or thought of developing relationships. Networking is networking is networking. Social media is a way for you to get exposure to other audiences outside of the meeting venue and have your business visible in the search engines. Taking your same skills and attitudes to another organization will not grow your business any more effectively than it will here.
At the September's Morgan's Event, we had considerably low attendance and all of the presenters from the previous month were not there. I asked Frank Vowinkel and Valerie Bittner to do a short video where Gary Millspaugh from Rodale Institute was interviewed, to demonstrate the power of social media. Within 24 hours, it had 1300 views and in three days 1900. In order for this organization to continue, I need committed people bringing guests and participating or the consequence may be that this will not be available any longer and severely limit your business's potential exposure and internet presence. This is in no way meant to offend anyone and there many who participate, however, I have commitments to the locations we meet at and they are not as forgiving as I am. Looking forward to your cooperation.

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